nomoretears (north_coast) wrote,

В январе-феврале я посмотрел все семь сезонов «Доктора Кто». После этого мое отношение к происходящим событиям намного проще выразить.


The Doctor and Rory capture one Silurian, Alaya, and the Doctor instructs Rory and a local family to not harm Alaya, as it could spark a war.

Tony, suffering from the effects of the venom, says they should dissect Alaya, but the Doctor warns that it would be seen as an act of war.

The Doctor arranges a "conference" between the Silurians (represented by Eldane) and the humans (represented by Amy and Nasreen); the three discuss how both species can co-exist on the surface of the Earth.

When Ambrose kills Alaya, the Doctor attempts to prevent Alaya's sister Restac from wiping out the human population as revenge by offering to share the planet with the Silurians.



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